Top 10 Mother's Day Gifts for Quilters

Top 10 Mother's Day Gifts for Quilters

Does your mother have a fabric stash the size of your entire wardrobe? Does her collection of bobbins and needles look like an “I Spy” book? Is her birthday gift for you every year a handcrafted quilt that you always treasure? If so, you should have no problem coming up with Mother’s Day quilt-related gift ideas.

Here are our top 10 Mother’s Day gifts for quilters!

1. Peggy’s Stitch Eraser

This classic quilting accessory is perfect for anyone who needs to remove a lot of stitches, especially dense machine embroidery stitches. Everyone makes mistakes, and Peggy is here to help!

2. Scissors & Clips

Cutting is one of the most time-consuming aspects of the quilting process. Help your mom make the work go faster with a stash of extra-sharp, ready-to-go scissors and clips.

3. A Coordinated Fabric Bundle

Your mom will love a new addition to her stash. It’s even better when the fabrics are coordinated for her! Get Mom some 100% cotton fabric bundles as a Mother’s Day quilt gift.

4. Ready-to-Sew Panel Kits

panel kit is a great Mother’s Day gift for quilters who prefer to put their energy into the quilting process rather than a pieced quilt top design. Grab a panel kit that suits her personality!

5. Ready-to-Sew Quilt Kits

Ready-to-sew quilt kits take the complex cutting process out of quilting. This is a perfect Mother’s Day quilt gift for moms with mobility issues like arthritis, too!

6. A New Spool Rack

If you have a lot of quilting supplies, then it’s important to keep them organized. If the craft room is inconveniently cluttered, then a spool rack is a great Mother’s Day gift for quilters.

7. Bobbin Spools

You can never have too many bobbins! These small spools of thread are an essential part of the sewing process that any quilter or embroiderer will appreciate. Make sure your mom has everything she needs to get her next project started.

8. Color Cards

One of the hardest things about quilting and embroidering is coordinating colors and fabrics! Make your mom’s job a little easier with these useful color cards containing various embroidery threads.

9. Magic Touch Up Pens

A set of these incredibly useful touch up pens makes a fantastic Mother’s Day quilting gift. Use them to cover up minor show-throughs permanently!

10. Invisible Pens

Invisible pens are perfect for making temporary marks on fabric that disappear when ironed or sprayed with water. Your mom can use these for cutting, pinning, measuring, and drafting a pattern.

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Apr 26th 2021

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