Tips for working with Cork Fabrics

Tips for working with Cork Fabrics

Sewing with cork doesn't need to be nerve-wracking! Follow our 4 simply tips for success and have fun creating a unique project out of cork fabric!

Take Advantage of that Non-Fraying Edge
Cork fabric won't fray, so you don't have to create a finished hemmed edge on whatever you sew (unless you want to!). This makes it easier to handle while cutting and sewing, as well as for the finished project.

Skip the Pins
Avoid using pins with cork fabric, as the holes created by pins are permanent. Instead, use a fabric glue or binding clips to secure layers together before sewing.

Use a Walking Foot
Switching to your sewing machine's walking foot makes the stitching process go more smoothly. The foot helps to move the cork fabric along the feed dogs more easily.

Pressing with protection
You can press cork fabric. I think it's easier to press on the back side, and it's also better to use a pressing cloth, which protects your iron from any residue and also creates a surface that the iron can glide more easily across.

May 6th 2024 Lisa Swenson-Ruble for Sit n' Sew Fabrics

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