Panel Kits

Panel Kits

Fabric Panel Kits For Quilting & More

You’ve got a love-hate relationship with quilting: Your brain loves doing it, but maybe the jury is still out on your hands. The good news? Quilting doesn’t have to be difficult and frustrating. Yes, we’re serious. At Sit n’ Sew Fabrics, we’ve made this possible with our one-of-a-kind panel kits featuring fabric panels for quilting.

The Panel Kit

Our unique kits at Sit n’ Sew Fabrics come with pre-cut fabric and coordinating backings that you can sew together. Since the fabric in Panel Kits is pre-cut, these kits take away all the frustration of creating wall hangers and throw blankets. You never have to worry about making cutting mistakes again!

When you choose a Panel Kit, you don’t need any other materials to make a beautiful quilt. With their user-friendly fabric panels for quilting and other perks, our kits are simply easier to use than traditional quilting kits.