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Welcome to Sit n’ Sew Fabrics!

Where Quilting Is Made Easy

Sit n’ Sew Fabrics is your go-to source for all of your quilt supplies and home embroidery needs. We have what you need to get started making beautiful quilted works of art, from quilting kits, to precut fabric, fabric by the yard, and embroidery tools such as backing, bobbins, thread, snips, and more.

Are you a crafter that wants to take up a family quilting tradition? A seasoned crafter who knows quality quilt supplies when they see them? A fabric addict who can’t get enough in your stash? A total artistic newbie?

No matter where your quilting journey is taking you, we can back you up!

Sit n Sew kits

Save Time with Precut Fabrics and Sit n’ Sew Quilting Kits

Back in the day, quilting fabrics had to be hand-cut into tons of small, individual shapes that had to fit perfectly together for a good looking, finished piece. This took lots of time, and fabric was often wasted due to errors when measuring and trimming. Sit n’ Sew makes it easy for you with perfectly precut quilting kits that include simple-to-follow instructions.

With Sit n’ Sew quilting kits, you can be confident that every piece will line up and fit together, so you can just jump right onto the sewing machine! We offer beautifully coordinated packages of precision precut fabric pieces and quilting kits that contain precuts, backing, and binding fabric.

Top Brands for Quilt Supplies

We stock some of the best brands available for quilt supplies. Choose from options like Madeira, Schmetz, Benartex, and more. Each brand offers unique supplies ranging from metallic, rayon, and wool embroidery threads, to patterned and themed fabrics, to specialty tools.

When you take the time and effort to make a quilt or a home embroidery project, it’s important to use quality embroidery and quilt supplies that will help make your piece last for years to come. Our Sit n’ Sew fabric packs and quilting kits feature mixed styles and brands that complement each other and will make an end result worthy of being passed down as an heirloom.

Based in the USA With Over 15 Years of Experience

In the United States, quilting has been popular since way back before the states were even united! Today, Sit n’ Sew Fabrics is proud to continue the traditions of generations past, and we love to inspire the new generations to join us. While we offer classic style quilting kits and embroidery supplies, we also enjoy bringing you new, trendy options that can add flair to a holiday, be adored by young children, or look stunning as a centerpiece.

Let our 15+ years of experience help you create something handmade and amazing. If you have any questions about our quilting and home embroidery products, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll be happy to get you on the right track.