Our Best Picks: Quilting Fabric Brands

When you take the time and effort to handcraft a quilt or create a home embroidery masterpiece, you need the best materials. All of your hard work will be for nothing if the finished piece falls apart, fades, or stretches. Start your project with our best thread, notions, and fabric brands, and your unique artwork will become a cherished keepsake that will last for many years to come.

Get creative and craft cute throw pillows, trendy handbags, holiday decor, stuffed animals, and sew much more!

Best Quilting Fabric Brands

Our top fabric brands include high-quality cotton and flannel materials that are sold in 44/45” width and available in one-yard increments.

If you prefer to have precision pieces that are already cut, visit our Pre-Cuts Section for squares, diamonds, hexagons, and other shapes.

Here are our top quilting fabric brands:

Top Home Embroidery Brands

Our selection of home embroidery brands brings you the best in quality for threads, backing and topping, bobbins, needles, and embroidery accessories. Threads found here come in a variety of finishes from lustrous to shiny metallic and sparkly twist, and are sourced from brands like Madeira, which offers many of these different textures and aesthetics on its own! Many of our threads are even safe for babies so you can make cute loveable keepsakes for the little ones and future generations

The threads linked here are made for use in embroidery machines, you can start your pedaling projects right away. Here are some of our top embroidery thread brands:

If you have any questions about the products we stock or need some advice for your next project, please contact us. We will be happy to help answer your questions or solve your quilting conundrum.

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