Introducing Quilt As You Go Patterns: Our Favorite Designs

Introducing Quilt As You Go Patterns: Our Favorite Designs

Quilt as You Go kits let novice and expert quilters create a beautiful quilted project in one fell swoop. Materials come ready to go: pre-printed, numbered, sewn all at once, and ready to bind. Get to know more about these new kits!

What Is a Quilt As You Go Kit?

Our Quilt As You Go kits make quilting simple! Whether you need a quick gift, a simple and fun project, or a non-intimidating way to start your own quilting journey, these kits are for you! Have you heard about friends who are quilting and making intricately designed projects with a deep meaning and quality to last generations? Don’t miss out! Now you can join in on the fun with a creative and relaxing new crafting adventure.

How to Quilt As You Go

The Quilt As You Go kits we offer come to you with all pieces of the quilt included — the quilt top, batting, and backing. The pattern is pre-printed on the batting and is numbered so that it is easy to follow and piece together. In addition, all three pieces are together to be completed in one step, rather than working on each layer separately. 

There are five easy steps:

  1. Cut fabric pieces as outlined on batting — cut all three layers at once
  2. Organize the pieces with the easy-number system
  3. Sew once, through all three layers at the same time
  4. Bind or finish your project as you like
  5. Do a little happy dance, you’re done!

Quilted sewing machine cover

What Can I Make?

Sounds pretty great, right? But is it all the same pattern and the same projects over and over? Nope. With the Quilt As You Go kits, there are many options to choose from — from quilted machine covers to placemats, wine totes, face masks, insulated shopping totes, and so many more.

When Can I Start?

Don’t be intimidated by the notion of becoming a “quilter”. With these kits, you can learn how to quilt as you go through a bite-sized project that is laid out with you in mind. Cut, piece, sew, bind. Learn the steps and have the satisfaction of completing a project. With so many kits available, you can continue completing kits or move onto more difficult projects that you customize. 

Are They Just for Beginners?

Quilt As You Go is for everyone! For those quilters who are experienced, these kits are a great way to complete a quick project for a gift or for a sense of satisfaction. If you’re looking to teach a friend or relative to quilt, this is a great way to work together on the same project with your student learning by working with their hands on their own project. They’re also a great way (and excuse) for friends to get together and craft, talk, snack, drink wine, or simply enjoy each other. 

Ready to get started? Explore our selection to find a new and exciting project, or reach out to our team with any questions!

Mar 24th 2022

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