Beyond Quilting: Our Favorite Sewing & Machine Embroidery Projects

Beyond Quilting: Our Favorite Sewing & Machine Embroidery Projects

Sewing and embroidery are wonderful crafts that open up possibilities for endless projects! And while we love quilting, there are so many other simple projects that make cool home decor, fashion accessories, and gifts. Here are a few of our favorite precut sewing projects and machine embroidery projects that are available at Sit n’ Sew Fabrics.

A blue square of fabric with bunnies and a heart centerpiece

Simple Throw Pillows

Two-panel throw pillows are some of the easiest and most gratifying sewing projects for beginners. And with a precut, adorable panel kit like this Blue Heart Pillow Panel Kit, it can’t get any simpler. All you’ll need is your sewing supplies and some pillow stuffing. You could even reuse the stuffing from an old pillow! You can make pillow panel kits into personalized machine embroidery projects by adding beautiful finishing touches like monogrammed initials, names, and meaningful dates.

A red and tan throw pillow made from cork fabric

Advanced Throw Pillows

Once you’ve got the simple panel pillows down pat, you can move on to block-style pillow kits like this gorgeous Cork Fabric Precut Pillow Kit. It’s like a mini quilt with precut fabric pieces that can be sewn together just like in the picture! We love precut sewing projects made with cork fabric because it’s hypoallergenic for people with sensitivities. Each piece is made from the natural cork oak tree and harvested sustainably. Plus, because it’s natural, each pattern is completely unique, much like a fingerprint!

A blue and white stuffed dog

Cute Stuffed Animals

Who wouldn’t want a handmade stuffed animal? Kids and adults alike love them! Our favorite right now is this Joey the Shop Dog Plushie Panel Kit that makes two adorable stuffed pups (one big and one small!) for your loved one to enjoy. These stuffed animals also make great machine embroidery projects. Before assembling the animal, you could embroider a name on the chest piece for an adorable, personalized baby shower gift.

A selection of Christmas-themed DIY fabric masks

DIY Face Masks

Right now, face masks provide you and your loved ones with much-needed protection. Thankfully, Sit n’ Sew Fabrics has a wide variety of fashion and seasonal patterns that make wearing face masks a bit more stylish and fun. Check out these cute Christmas and winter patterns that feature penguins, snowflakes, reindeer, and more! DIY face masks are easy to make and are great precut sewing projects to get someone started with crafting!

A yellow and tan tote bag made from cork fabric

Handy Tote Bags

Making a tote bag is easier than you might think! Tote bags can be used in so many different ways, as a diaper bag, reusable grocery bag, everyday handbag, or storage for anything that will fit inside. And, because they’re so versatile, they make great gifts by themselves, or as a gift bag for other presents. This precut cork fabric tote bag kit makes a trendy fashion bag any gal will love!

These precut sewing and machine embroidery projects are quick to get started and will give you a cool finished product in almost no time at all. Hop on over to Sit n’ Sew Fabrics to browse our entire collection of ready-to-sew kits!

Mar 4th 2022

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