Modern Quilt Patterns for Beginners

Modern Quilt Patterns for Beginners

Quilting is an art that keeps on evolving with trends, time, and talented innovators. You certainly can’t go wrong with a traditional quilt pattern, but it’s so fun to try a fresh new style!

Sit n’ Sew is always looking out for new quilt patterns to try, and we love inventing our own precut quilt kits, too. We’ve compiled some gorgeous (and simple!) quilt patterns for beginners that anyone can take a stab at.

So without further ado, here are our favorite modern quilt patterns for beginners!

1. Daydreams 60 Degree Triangles

Triangles aren’t your classic quilt shape, and that’s why we love them! 60-degree triangles are a hip and sleek pattern that suits a modern design while still having that patchwork feel.

With a ready-to-sew kit, there’s no need to purchase a 60-degree corner trimmer tool or fuss over cutting anything out. We’ve done all the tricky precision cutting for you.

2. Hexagons (Hexies)

Why stop at a polygon with three sides? Double that amount to six and you have a gorgeous geometric design that’s modern, crisp, and deceptively simple. Hexies are a popular trend among modern quilt groups, and the unique shape makes it look harder than it actually is. Sit n’ Sew’s kits are half-hexies, which are easier for beginners because there are no Y seams - just straight lines! A hexie quilt is the perfect modern quilt pattern for beginners, and it makes a great gift or decoration for any age group.

3. Elegance Log Cabin

Sometimes traditional quilt patterns just need a little extra flair to take them from “Grandma’s house” to “modern interior design.” In the case of this log cabin pattern, all we’ve done is jazzed up the classic log cabin pattern with high-quality, coordinated fabrics with sharply contrasting tones.

4. Pixels

Pixel quilts are incredibly popular right now. Using a bit of clever artistry, you can sew together several small squares in such a way that the blanket looks like pixel art. If you have a kid or loved one who loves Minecraft or similar video games, you can easily make most textures from the game into a simple quilt pattern for beginners.

5. Hashtags

A Hashtag design is a great option if you want to try your hand at creating your own design. The  Blue, White, and Cream precut kit would be perfect! Lay the blue fabric in a hashtag pattern, and fill in the spaces with the white and cream. You can’t really get more modern than an homage to the internet. For the Twitter lover or kid who loves using a good hashtag, make this #modern quilt pattern for beginners as a clever gift. It’s easier than it looks, too!

6. Minimalist Black & White

Traditional quilting was more often than not the process of sewing together mismatched or scrap fabrics. That’s why we don’t often think of a simple, two-toned color scheme when we think quilting. That makes a black and white quilt pattern totally irresistible, and very modern!

7. Front Porch Sandwiches

A sandwich quilt (not to be confused with a  quilt sandwich, which is what some people call the last step of the quilting process) is a cute and simple quilt pattern for beginners.

It’s one of the most straightforward patterns out there, but it’s quirky and unique enough to make a gorgeous end result for any skill level. The chic color scheme in our Front Porch Sandwiches precut kit is warm and comforting—the perfect quilt to give as a gift for a loved one.

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Aug 24th 2020

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