Top 5 Quilting Accessories & Embroidery Supplies

Top 5 Quilting Accessories & Embroidery Supplies

If you’re looking for a new hobby and want to give quilting or embroidery a try, then you’ll need some supplies. Buying fabric is the obvious first step, and there are a ton of styles, colors, and designs out there. But you’ll also want to pick up some small tools that will make the process of sewing a little bit easier. Check out these five embroidery and quilting accessories that will get you started on your first project.

Blue Madeira polyester thread

1) Thread

Machine embroidery thread is a basic accessory for any embroidery tool kit, and you’ll need a wide range of colors to make your projects look more polished. These threads can be made from various materials, and embroidery projects can take on a different look depending on the type of thread you use.

If you’re going for a more decorative look for your next embroidery project, try the silk-like sheen of rayon or the shine of metallic threads. You can keep your threads organized with a dedicated spool rack, so you’ll always have tons of options readily available.

2) Shears & Scissors

Shears are quilting accessories for cutting fabric, and small scissors and snips are needed for any embroidery tool kit. You’ll want a combination of these for most projects you’ll work on, from large quilts to hand embroidery. As your shears and scissors get a lot of use, periodically replace them with brand new, razor-sharp ones. A dull blade can become dangerous for the user, and your work will look nicer with clean cuts.

Peggy’s stitch eraser 3

3) Seam Ripper

Whether you’ve made a sewing mistake (which happens to the best of us) or you’re making adjustments to a finished product, seam rippers are essential quilting accessories. Your sewing machine might come with a simple hand seam ripper, or you can purchase a mechanical seam ripper, like Peggy’s Stitch Eraser, that blazes through stitches with ease.

4) Invisible Pens

Invisible pens allow you to draw out embroidery designs or mark quilt patterns without having to worry about ruining your fabric. Spray the design with water, and the marks will disappear! While not essential accessories for quilting or embroidery tool kits, invisible pens are useful if you’re looking to sew and cut with extra precision

5) Machine Oil

Sewing machine oil is a key component of any embroidery or quilting tool kit. Keep your sewing machine in tip-top shape by using this oil for lubrication, cleaning, and simple repairs. Not sure which oil to purchase, or even how to use it? Check your sewing machine manufacturer’s guide for valuable warnings and instructions.

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Quilting and embroidery are fun hobbies, especially when you’ve had a little practice and know the ropes. To get started with some simple quilting projects, check out Sit n’ Sew Fabrics’ ready-to-sew quilt kits. Become part of our community by sharing your creations with us on Facebook and Instagram!

Apr 19th 2021

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