Beginner Tips for Sewing with Fat Quarters

Beginner Tips for Sewing with Fat Quarters

What are quilting “Fat Quarters?” By definition, they’re an 18” x 21” piece of fabric that equals one-quarter of a yard. Simply put, they’re a convenient fabric size that many quilters love to use for everything from scrappy patchworks to advanced patterns. Fat Quarters have many applications, and many quilt patterns specifically call for Fat Quarter bundles to complete the project!

If you’re a beginner, we’ve compiled some essential tips for sewing for Fat Quarters so you know just how to use the coordinated bundle you found at Sit n’ Sew Fabrics! 

What’s So Special About Sewing with Fat Quarters?

As we said, a Fat Quarter is a quarter of a yard, but it’s cut differently than normal. Usually, a yard is cut into four 9” x 42” strips. A Fat Quarter is visually wider or “fatter” and is better for cutting into larger shapes — like quilt block pieces!

1. Look for Patterns Designed for Sewing with Fat Quarters.

It won’t be difficult to find a pattern designed for you to use up your Fat Quarters! Many quilting patterns are designed specifically for people to use up their Fat Quarter stashes. This allows for very versatile quilting: simply pick a Fat Quarter bundle in a style or theme you like, pick a pattern, and you have an easy, unique quilt.

2. Cut Fat Quarter Pieces All at the Same Time for Easy Pattern Making

Because Fat Quarters are all one standard size, you can layer the pieces together and cut a single shape out all at once. This saves time and hassle, which is a big deal when you’re cutting out a ton of quilt top pieces.

3. Use a Single Fat Quarter for Small Bags and Zip Pouches

Are you looking for a simple sewing project that’ll take less than a week and will have a quaint, practical purpose? Fat Quarters are great for small bags! Sewing with Fat Quarters is simple. You fold the two sides over and you only have two sides to sew! Add a drawstring or a zipper and you have a useful bag.

4. Find Pre-Coordinated Fat Quarter Bundles

Part of the challenge of quilting is coordinating the fabrics. When you buy pre-coordinated Fat Quarter bundles, you take that out of the equation. This is perfect for people who love crafting but have trouble finding complimentary prints and designs!

Assortment of Fat Quarters

Shop Fat Quarter Bundles and More at Sit n’ Sew Fabrics

Sit n’ Sew Fabrics has everything a quilter needs to make a beautiful project, no matter your skill level! We want to make quilting accessible for everyone, whether you have mobility limitations, limited experience, or you’re simply short on time. Sewing with Fat Quarters is a great way to get started!

We hope you’ve learned what quilting “Fat Quarters” are and how you can incorporate them in your next project!

Jul 23rd 2021

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