NanoWeb® FM - Precut Pack 9" Squares - 25 Pack



NanoWeb® FM - 9" x 9" Squares - 25 sheets per pack

For DIY protective face masks, there is no better filter on the market to keep yourself safe than NanoWeb® FM. This advanced material from Hollingsworth & Vose is designed to be both effective and comfortable, and comes at a great value. With three protective layers in one, making your own mask becomes that much easier. (NOTE: The NanoWeb® FM is made to be a replaceable filter and it is NOT recommended for washing as it will decrease the integrity of the filtration material).

Put Your Sewing Skills To Good Use

The CDC recommends that you wear cloth masks in any public setting, but some people are having trouble finding or purchasing their own masks due to scarcity. That’s why they’ve put together a DIY guide for you to make your own using basic sewing skills.

Lining your DIY masks with NanoWeb® filtration material squares adds another layer of efficiency and security that you can’t get out of most disposable masks out there. This fabric is designed to be extra comfortable so you won’t have as hard of a time breathing through the mask throughout the day. The best part is since you’re making this mask yourself, you can get a customized fit.

If you’ve made too many or you just want to do a good deed the way you know best, consider donating your extra masks to those in need!

Premium, Lab-Tested Protective Mask Material

Here’s what makes NanoWeb® filtration material squares more effective than plain fabric:

  • It’s made of three composite layers sewn together. The outer layers are made of spunbond protective layers, with the interior layer being the advanced NanoWeb® material.
  • It’s breathable, soft, and comfortable.
  • It has been lab-tested for air permeability, air resistance, NaCl penetration, and more.

Read The Technical Data Sheet Here

Hollingsworth & Vose: A Company To Trust

Sit n’ Sew is proud to partner up with a homegrown company that’s put care and excellence into their products for decades. Check out the video below for more information on Hollingsworth & Vose.

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